Texans for victim to sweltering summer temperatures as regulators ignore skyrocketing power cutoffs

ALLAS — The ambulance raced through the streets of South Oak Cliff on a sweltering August afternoon, coming to a stop in front of an aging duplex.

Paramedics gathered around Clyde Jackson, 66, and helped him walk shakily to a waiting gurney. On the seventh day of an August heat wave that brought two weeks of 100-degree days to North Texas, Jackson had gotten dizzy, overcome by rising temperatures inside the home.

“It just got too hot for him,” said his niece, Katrina Johnson. Affording enough electricity to stay safe hasn’t been easy for the extended family, which shares a duplex. The family has been trying to conserve energy after the power was cut off several times in recent years. As paramedics rushed Jackson away, his relatives worried about another disconnection.

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