As the Kansas Legislature continues to discuss the future of energy in our state, we have kept as priority the collective and best interests of our more than 280,000 consumer-members.

Our current position is in support of the substitute version of SB 69.  Kansas deserves a fair and realistic energy plan that can deliver the best solutions for all of us.

Sub SB 69 will authorize a study to be conducted by consultants who will review a list of 29 topics that may uncover some opportunities for utilities and customers to manage electricity costs in the future.  The bill also calls for a study of several issues that might benefit large industrial utility customer but raise rates for homeowners and small businesses across our state. So we are cautious about this new legislation.  If the consultants chosen by the Legislature are objective and thorough, there may be some beneficial recommendations.  If not, their conclusions could be harmful.  What works in some parts of the country that an out-of-state consultant is familiar with may not be a good fit in Kansas.

The costs that you and your neighbors pay at the end of the electric line is critically important to us. As nonprofit cooperatives that belong to the communities we serve, we seek only to cover the costs of providing energy and our overhead. We share excess revenue back to the people we serve.

Rural Kansas may often be overlooked by some in our state but know we are working to educate all state legislators as to your importance and the reliance you have on energy for your livelihood.

Electric cooperatives will continue to advocate for the needs of our consumer-members throughout the state in the discussions of our state’s future.